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The Black Business Alliance, Inc.

Business Professionals

In June of 1997 the Black Business Alliance (BBA) was founded to assemble and share information and to supply the encouragement necessary to start, grow, and sustain healthy businesses. The founders recognized the mainstream business community was not equipped to provide the training or mentoring being requested by minority businesses and, at the same time, existing businesses were not providing the products or services requested by our community’s minority populations.

The BBA was formed to bridge this gap. The Black Business Alliance founders included Denise and Garry Moore, Professor Denise Davison of Illinois State University and Gil Chinnery, Dr. Gilly (DJ). They met early in 1997 and filed for Illinois Incorporation. The first community interest meeting was held in July 1997 and attracted a wide variety of local small business owners. People attending expressed enthusiasm, for the fledgling organization, and the Black Business Alliance was launched.

The BBA has maintained its goals of education and collaboration as the foundation for nurturing a healthy business climate. And BBA continues to promote respect and appreciation for diversity in our community. Membership in the Black Business Alliance remains strong and increasingly diverse as business owners and operators, entrepreneurs, and professionals appreciate the networking, the opportunities, and the partnerships available.

Core Values

1. Music – We believe it educates, informs, inspires, and unites us.
2. Cooperation/Collaboration- We thrive as we form community partnerships and work to improve our organization and our community.
3. Education – We seek to learn, and we share our information, skills, and expertise.
4. Social, Economic, Environmental Justice –We practice fair treatment, meaningful involvement, and opportunity to prosper for all people.
5. Dignity and Respect – We show respect and consideration for each other.
6. Multiculturalism - We value, appreciate, and strive to include the diversity of cultures in our community.
7. Volunteering – We are all volunteers and we recognize the unique contributions of individuals.
8. Social Change- We utilize WXRJ programming and music to influence and create positive social change in our community.

Board of Directors

President & CEO

Stanley Fleming Sr.



Executive Secretary

Helen Haynes


Music Programming/IT

Gil Chinnery


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